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My Art Journey


When I was 8 years old, I picked up the yellow pages telephone book (remember those?) and flipped to the local art studios page. I called the studio, inquired about their classes, and then convinced my parents to take me to their Saturday morning weekly lessons for the next few years.

Art has always been my first true love. I’ve had other affairs and explorations with various pursuits, including digital marketing and product management roles at Microsoft, Fab.com, DigitalOcean, and Blue Apron. But no matter how long I spent away, I’ve always come back to some form of artistic expression. My artistic style has evolved quite a bit from my early childhood. I went through a phase of incredibly precise realism. I then rebelled with more abstract, painting. My next phase was larger-scale painting with bright colors and energetic gusto. All of which has led me to my current style of joyful, uplifting, whimsical, and inspiring watercolor paintings.

I’m inspired by my own life experiences. The lessons I’m so viscerally learning and experiencing. The touching and poignant moments that make my heart and soul smile. The visuals that make me grin cheek to cheek. And also the heart-wrenching moments of despair that make me feel the depths of being human. I strive for the most authentic visual expression of these deep, indescribable feelings. To create that which can bring meaningful joy to others.

My hope is to infuse and spread a feeling to anyone that sees my art — an espresso shot of joyful, uplifting, playful, loving, heart-warming, inspiring positivity. A feeling that reminds you of your inner child. That reminds you that you’re not alone. That reminds you of the important things in life. And that reminds you of your own strength and power. Whatever the impact, I hope it also makes your heart smile. 

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